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Top 5 Podcast Recommendations for 20-Something Women

Like the rest of the world, I have been really enjoying listening to podcasts recently! There is something about a good podcast that piques your interest, captures your attention, and makes you feel part of the conversation that's happening.

I feel like there are so many podcasts to choose from that it becomes difficult to sort through all of the endless options. This brings me to the reason for this blog post: letting you in on my top podcast recommendations from a 20-something Christian woman. These podcasts are not just Christian ones because I love to listen to a variety.

#1 Crime Junkie

Now, I'm not normally a huge fan of true crime because I scare easily but I am obsessed with this podcast. When I first came across it, I was hooked and binged the entire series in a matter of weeks on my commute. This podcast, hosted by the wonderful Ashley and Britt, tells the story of a different crime each week. Normally, I don't like scary or suspenseful media but there is something about this one that draws you into the storyline and you won't be able to stop listening.

#2 What We Said

This podcast is just so much fun and the hosts make you feel like you are having a fun chat with your best friends. Jaci and Chelsea are so sweet, give the best advice, and have hilarious storytimes on their show. If you love lighthearted chats with your girls, this is a show you will absolutely love.

#3 She

She is an awesome podcast if you have a wide variety of interests. Jordan Lee Dooley is the host who is a Christian blogger, author, and small business coach. These days it seems like everyone has a side hustle so, if you are looking for some small business advice or everyday encouragement, be sure to check out this podcast.

#4 Happy and Healthy

Jeanine Amapola is a Christian Youtuber and now podcast host who gives awesome Christian advice for young adults. She has plenty of resources on influencer life, dating as a Christian, and how to improve your relationship with God. Jeanine is a really strong believer and can ignite your passions for health, faith, and fitness.

#5 Becoming Something

This is an amazing podcast that is hosted by Jonathan Polkluda who is the Lead Pastor of Harris Creek church in Waco, Texas, and former Young Adults Pastor at Watermark in Dallas, Texas. JP has such a gift for sharing the gospel and tackling topics that are ever-present in the lives of every young adult.

There you have it! Those are my top 5 podcast recommendations for all my fellow 20-something girls! Let me know what your favorite podcast is and I'll give it a listen.

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