• Erin Lucas

Morning Mercies

The Book of Lamentations is the saddest book in the Bible. It is filled with 5 poems of lament that can leave the reader feeling downcast. It was written following the Babylonian destruction of Jerusalem.

The Israelites were faced with so much confusion because the land that God had promised to Abraham now was all completely decimated. These poems were meant to express the grief and confusion felt by the Israelites during these dark times.

I think we are in a similar situation these days. The lives that we thought we were going to be living in March, April and May have come to halt. Weddings have been cancelled, mothers are being separated from their child at birth for up to two weeks, and sick family members are being hospitalized all alone.

We can easily look at the times we face today and feel the grief and confusion that the Israelites must have felt during the time of Lamentations.

But there is a ray of sunshine in the midst of the dark clouds that live on these pages. This is the passage I want to focus on this morning.

Lamentations 3:22-23 The Lord’s lovingkindnesses indeed never cease, for His compassions never fail, they are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.

Despite the uncertain times we face, there are things that we can count on. (1) God is faith (2) God is with us (3) God’s love and mercy is never ending.

Even though we have done nothing to deserve the lovingkindness or mercy from the Lord, it never ends. In fact we have done much to provoke God and give Him many reasons to revoke this mercy. We disobey, have ungrateful attitudes and take advantage of His mercies.

Even still, God’s mercies might not always be visible to us, but we can be certain they are always there. There is an assurance in this verse. Just as sure as every morning will bring on a new light and a new day, so will each day be presented with new mercies from God.

And just like each day bring us unique challenges and opportunities, the mercies of the Lord are unique for each day as well. God’s mercy is not rigid and cookie-cutter but they are lively and vibrant to meet us where we are each day.

Take heart this morning and know that despite the grief and confusion that our world is facing, God is still on His throne. He is not surprised or confused by the present times and will work it all out for His glory. Rest knowing His presence, mercy and lovingkindness will never leave you or cease.

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