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It Is Time to Seek the Lord

The main purpose behind this blog is just to have a casual space to share what the Lord is teaching me or laying on my heart each week.

Currently, I am studying the Minor Prophets in Scripture. (It may seem strange to do this but I feel that Christians spend a regrettably small amount of time in the Old Testament and especially with the Minor Prophets).

Yesterday, in my study of the Book of Hosea, I came across a verse that made me stop in my tracks and really think.

Hosea 10:12 (NIV) Sow righteousness for yourselves, reap the fruit of unfailing love, and break up your unplowed ground; for it is time to seek the Lord, until He comes and showers His righteousness on you.

As we know, the Bible is filled with truths about reaping and sowing. But this verse is showing that any righteousness sown or love reaped by man actually comes from God Himself.

But, in order for man to reap righteousness and love from God we must first break up the unplowed ground.

Break up your unplowed ground refers to deep rooted and unresolved issues of unbelief, bitterness, legalism and distrust that may lie within the heart of a believer.

The reality is that these issues are so easy to ignore, and we can slip into becoming a lukewarm Christian.

This verse is a big time warning to not become lukewarm or careless about the things of God, but rather break up your unplowed ground.

Hosea originally wrote these words for Israel at a time that they had strayed so far from God. The were worshipping other gods while completely rejecting the God of their nation. The God who freed them from Egypt and delivered them from countless enemies. Hosea calls them to repent of their sins and turn back to God.

Break up your fallow ground,

For it is time to seek the Lord.

In other words, Hosea is not telling the Israelites to become better outwardly, but He is urging them to truly repent and to seek the Lord with all their hearts.

I believe many Christians can take warning from this verse for their own lives. A lot of times we ‘play church’ and ‘play christian’ so well that we ignore the deep seeded issues that lie within our own hearts.

Everything may look good on the outside but inside there are issues that run so deep and these issues are nor fertile soil to sow righteousness or reap the unfailing love of God.

This verse is warning the Israelites and today’s Christians that now is not the time to play church, it is the time to be the church - “For it is time to seek the Lord.”

And we must start today because tomorrow may be too late.

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