• Erin Lucas

God Brought Me to the Church He Knew I Needed

Just hopping on here to say how grateful I am for my Church Family - First Burleson.

A few weeks ago, they gifted me with this Bible for graduating with my masters degree. I am so grateful to say that my time so far here has been filled with the most spiritual growth and spiritual maturing than at any other time in my life.

You see, when I first moved to the DFW area in August of 2018 for graduate school, I took several months to go ‘church shopping’ to find the right church for me. My requirements were amazing teaching, a culture that loved Jesus, a thriving young adult small group, and a location that was close enough to my apartment.

After a month or two of searching, I eventually found the church I thought I wanted! It met each of my requirements. However, once I completed the new member class at that church, I got the call to come to First Burleson.

During my first few times visiting First Burleson, I noticed that while it had the amazing teaching and a culture that loved Jesus, the church was also 50 minutes away from my apartment (without traffic), and didn’t have that young adult small group that I so desperately wanted.

But my call to this church was undeniable - God had laid First Burleson on my heart and I knew I needed to go.

What I didn’t realize was how stagnant I was in my faith before this transition - how little fruit my salvation actually bore for the world to see.

I had gotten into the habit of sitting in my seat at church, scribbling down notes, learning plenty but then going on with the rest of my week. During the week, attending small group and having my quiet times but was doing nothing to pay it forward. I was doing nothing with the overflow of my heart.

However, during my time at First Burleson, I can confidently say that God didn’t give the church I thought I wanted - He gave me the church He knew I needed.

My faith has grown more than at any other time in my journey here at First Burleson. For the first time, I was challenged - challenged to:

  1. Dive in headfirst instead of sitting on the sidelines with my consumer tendencies at church

  2. Form that young adult small group that I so desperately wanted and it has been the most rewarding group to be part of!

  3. Invest in the spiritual growth of younger girls rather that keeping my knowledge to myself

  4. Sacrifice time (and gas) driving to the church where God called me to be

Through these challenges came bountiful spiritual growth and fruit from my relationship with God.

2 Corinthians 9:6 comes to mind when I think about this church that God has placed me in. “Now this I say, he who sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and he who sows bountifully will also reap bountifully.”

Because First Burleson challenged to give generously of myself, my time and my heart, I have received generously. Not in the same way that I gave but it so so many more ways that I thought.

I am so grateful and completely in awe of what God has done through this journey! I can’t wait for more!

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