• Erin Lucas

Deep Clean Your Heart

It’s that spring cleaning time of year, friends, and perhaps you’ve been taking advantage of these few weeks (or months) spent indoors to clean out those places in your house that haven’t received attention in months if not years!

For me I don’t keep a lot of clutter lying around at my place and I’ll wipe down some surfaces from time to time. I’m pretty good at maintaining the space but the thing is, I also have these boxes of junk that are sitting in my closet. Every time I move apartments, I will move the boxes of junk with me, but they will never get unpacked. They just sit at the top of my closet starring at me. So, like many people, I’ll just shut the closet door and pretend like they don’t exist (lol).

At first glance, I keep my place pretty tidy but one look at the baseboards, the inside of my closet or behind the fridge (I don’t even want to imagine) and you’ll discover that my place needs a good deep clean!

I feel like we do the same with our hearts. As believers, most of us do a good job at ‘surface cleaning.’ What I mean by that is that we do a great job at maintaining our hearts by doing our daily devotions, putting scripture sticky notes around, or even posting verses on social media.

We tend to keep a tidy outward appearance meanwhile our hearts are desperate for a deep clean.

But Jesus called out the Pharisees for doing this very thing in Matthew 23:25-26.

Now, I’m not saying that you should stop those ‘surface cleaning’ religious routines. While these spiritual practices are not bad by any means, they are not what it takes to properly deep clean your heart - they merely scratch the surface.

But as believers, for our hearts to be truly clean, we need to be willing to expose those areas in our lives that we typically conceal but are desperate for attention. We need to expose the grimy places of shame and sin that reside in us, dirtying up our hearts.

How do we deep clean our hearts?

This requires getting on your knees before the Lord and asking Him to expose those areas of your heart that maybe you’ve been trying to just surface clean for too long.

Only when we turn to Him and fully give all of our heart over to Him, will He be able to cleanse and purify us. And not only the good parts of our hearts, but the deep recesses where our hurts, shames and wounds reside that no amount of surface cleaning can conquer.

So, if you’ve been merely surface cleaning your heart as I have, I would encourage you today to seek the Lord and ask Him into those parts of your heart that are often concealed. If we are faithful to do this, we can be assured that He will deep clean our heart.

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